The Top Questions We Get Asked About IRVINS


The Top Questions We Get Asked About IRVINS

22 October, 2021

1. Who is IRVIN?
Our brand was named after our founder, Irvin Gunawan. Irvin started his entrepreneurial career with a seafood restaurant, but quickly pivoted to snack-making when people began lining up at this restaurants just to buy his Salted Egg snacks! His two brothers soon joined, and now the IRVINS brand is run by the three Gunawan brothers.

2. Why don't you sell the Original Fish Skin?
We wish we could, but unfortunately we can't import the fish! Read up on why, here.

3. Why is it so friggin expensive?
We use premium whole food ingredients, including sustainably farmed Salmon Skin and fresh duck egg yolks salt-brined for 30 days. We hand-select fresh birds eye chilis and curry leaves that are baked right into the snack. We don't take any shortcuts with artificial seasonings and powders. This isn't any regular snack - it's ultra premium, extremely time-intensive to produce, and tastes unlike anything you've had before.

4. Why is shipping so expensive?
We're working on this, but the short answer is that the bags are big, and have a lot of air. Parcel carriers charge by size, not weight so it's the size of the box that makes the shipping so expensive. We're constantly working on getting you better rates! You can also buy in store at your local Hmart or 99 Ranch Market, or check out our store locator

5. What is Salted Egg?
Salted Egg is pretty much ubiquitous throughout Southeast Asia, and it's been called the "parmesan of Asia" for its savory/umami quality - you can pretty much add it to any dish to dial up the delicious-ness. It's classically made by curing the egg is a salted clay for 30 days, or learn more about our process here

6. Where did Salted Egg originate from?
Salted Eggs originated in China centuries ago. The earliest recorded mention of Salted Duck Egg was in the Qimin Yaoshu, an ancient Chinese text dating back to the 5th century AD!

7. Salmon Skin is a new concept to me. What's it like?
Great question! We've heard from countless fans that the chips have a texture like Chicharrón, especially our Salmon Skin based snacks. But with Salmon Skin you have the added nutritional benefits!

8. Why does the bag have so much air?
The air that is filled in each bag is nitrogen, which actually keeps the baked products fresh! We need a certain amount of this air space to keep the products fresh within each bag and to prevent breakage of your precious chips.

9. What are Cassava Chips? Cassava, also commonly known as yuca, are root vegetables that derive from tropical regions such as Southeast Asia and South America. Our Salted Egg Cassava Chips are crunchier compared to our potato chips and are sometimes considered the "kettle" form of IRVINS. Cassava also contains a good source of vitamin C, thiamine, riboflavin, and niacin.

10. What is that face on the IRVINS logo?
That's Irv, our famous duck! He has a whole cast of characters he hangs with, including a girlfriend name Irvette.