Spicy Salted Egg Salmon Skin Pack
Spicy Salted Egg Salmon Skin Pack
  • Spicy Salted Egg Salmon Skin Pack
  • Spicy Salted Egg Salmon Skin Pack
  • Spicy Salted Egg Salmon Skin Pack
  • Spicy Salted Egg Salmon Skin Pack
  • Spicy Salted Egg Salmon Skin Pack
  • Spicy Salted Egg Salmon Skin Pack
Spicy Salted Egg Salmon Skin Pack

Spicy Salted Egg Salmon Skin Pack

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An explosive, garlicky, spicy version of our best selling Salmon Skin! 8g protein, marine collagen, and Keto friendly, too. Made with sustainably sourced upcycled salmon skin.

3x IRVINS Spicy Salted Egg Potato Chips (3.7oz)

  • Small Batch Crafted
  • Whole ingredients


  • Ingredients: red_chilli_pepper
  • Ingredients: salted_egg
  • Ingredients: curry_leaves
  • Ingredients: salmon


Salmon skin, vegetable oil (palm oil and canola oil), salted duck egg yolk (egg yolk, salt), buttery spread (vegetable oil (palm and canola oil), salt, soy lecithin, vitamin a acetate, vitamin d3, alpha-tocopherol acetate, thiamin hydrochloride, riboflavin, niacinamide, pyridoxine hydrochloride, folic acid, vitamin b12, bht (preservative), bha (preservative), beta carotene color, artificial flavor), bird’s eye chili, spicy flavored seasoning (sugar, salt, chili pepper, black pepper, monosodium glutamate, disodium guanylate, disodium inosinate, paprika oleoresin, maltodextrin,citric acid, hydrolyzed soy protein, vinegar powder, aspartame, silicone dioxide, dry whole milk, cornstarch, palm fat, natural flavors, soy sauce (soybean, wheat, salt), spice), curry leaves, garlic.


Contains fish (salmon skin), egg, milk, soy bean, wheat. Produced in factory where crustacean, and tree nuts products are handled.

Product Info

All IRVINS Salted Egg snacks are chef-crafted in small batches, using whole food ingredients including real salted egg (brined for 30 days!), aromatic curry leaves, and birds eye chili pepper for a tiny hint of heat. Each ingredient is literally baked into our chips in small batches. (Not like other mass produced snacks, which simply "spray" artificial powders and flavorings down an assembly line). This unique, time-intensive process is what makes our premium snacks so Dangerously Addictive, and it's why we are Singapore's #1 snack.
PS - Be sure to give your bag a good shake to evenly distribute all the salted egg goodness!


8g of Protein | Low carb | Keto-friendly | Omega 3s View Nutrition Panel

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Outrageously Crunchy


Our Hot Boom Salmon Skin is like a super spicy pork rind, but waaaaay better for you. Pro tip: mix ½ bag with ½ bag of our classic Salmon Skin for a more tolerable level of heat.


Prop 65 Warning for California Residents. ?

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Joell Reed
Best snack ever

SUPER cravable and addictive. My family loves the Hot Boom Salmon skins. I order them 2x a month. Love, Love, Love

Renell Carr

I love this wonderful taste! You are right it's addicting.


I love this great taste and great level of heat

Mark Stallmann Stallmann

Great balance of heat, saltiness and texture. First taste is mild, plenty of heat follows, but is not overpowering. Plenty of Umami going on here. Really like the upfront savory taste followed by a boom of heat! Highly recommended, ready to buy more!! Glad I found this. Thank you for a unique, tasty snack! If you are in the Chicagoland area - these are available for mass consumption at H-MART.

Amazing flavors

I had to order another shipment of the spicy salmon skin! My tastebuds went into overdrive eating them and I finished all three bags within two days. Salty, spicy, umami goodness. Totally worth the price. I love it so much!