Salmon Skin vs Original Fish Skin


Salmon Skin vs Original Fish Skin

22 October, 2021

Most of you know IRVINS because of our famous Original Salted Egg Fish Skin; It's been our #1 best seller since we started making snacks back in 2011.
IRVINS Original Salted Egg Fish Skin comes from a species of fish called the Pangasius, commonly called a "Dory" fish - and no, it's not the same Dory fish from Finding Nemo.

It's quite political, but starting in 2015, the US began to restrict importation of the Pangasius fish - it had actually become the 6th most popular seafood in the US, but domestic fish farmers did not want the excess competition. So instead, we developed the Salted Egg Salmon Skin - just for the US Market.
As you know, the skin of the salmon is often removed before serving. But instead of wasting this nutrient rich food, we upcycle sustainably farmed salmon skin into a #DangerouslyAddictive Snack!

There's a myriad of health benefits to salmon as well. Just one serving of our Salmon Skin is 8g of protein, rich in marine collagen (good for hair, skin, and nails). Protein helps our body in healing and in maintaining or growing muscle mass. In addition, Salmon Skin is rich in omega-3 fatty acids which have been known to increase blood flow, lower blood pressure and even decreases inflammation.

As an added bonus, our Salted Egg Salmon Skin is naturally low carb and a Keto-certified snack, for those following a Ketogenic diet.
We often get asked about the difference of Salmon Skin vs Original Fish Skin - the main difference is the extra health benefits you get from Salmon - it's still the same umami Salted Egg goodness you know and love; so eat up, with the extra comfort in knowing you're getting those extra Omega 3s!