What is a Salted Egg?


What is a Salted Egg?

22 October, 2021

Are you curious about what exactly Salted Egg is? We’ve got you covered. 

Salted Egg has been in Asian cuisine since the sixth century. It has a delicious and umami flavor that is the perfect addition to Asian dishes, snacks, and even delicious to eat on it’s own! Our very IRVINS Salted Egg is made from duck egg, specifically from the Khaki Campbell duck breed; we source our duck eggs responsibly from a free range duck farm. The beautiful vibrant orange is the duck egg yolk's natural color, and makes for a delicious tasty bite.

Salted Egg Origins

The origin of Salted Egg dates back to the fifth century in China. Since then, it has been a staple in Asian cuisine. It can be used in congee and soups, as seasoning for snacks, and is even found in pastries like mooncakes! The possibilities of salted egg are endless!

How is it Made?

Salted egg is made using fresh duck eggs straight from the hatchery. Traditionally, they are brined in salted clay for 25 to 30 days under ambient conditions. They are then removed from the brine, then steam cooked and crumbled, and voila - ready to add to your favorite dish!