Our Brand Collaborations


Our Brand Collaborations

22 October, 2021

Exciting collaborations don’t just exist in the fashion world. In fact, there is no limit on what brands from different industries can come together to create. Here’s a look into the uncharted world of IRVINS Salted Egg collaborations.

IRVINS x Pokémon Salted Egg Zig Zag Potato Chips

In a world of firsts, here’s ours! In June of 2020, we teamed up with Pokémon to release the limited edition Pikachu themed IRVINS Salted Egg Zig Zag Potato Chips. This Singapore exclusive features the classic Pokemon character on our renowned packaging. Inside contains our thicker cut zig zag potato chip that has ridges to allow for even more salted egg to coat every bite.

Why just stop there right? We even created our own line of special edition Pikachu themed tote bags and electronic talking plushies that were only available for redemption in our retail stores and online website. 

7-Eleven x IRVINS Salted Egg Fish Skin Krumbs Onigiri

In September of 2020, we partnered with 7-Eleven to add a contemporary twist to the classic Japanese rice ball, Onigiri. Not to be confused with sushi, Ongiri is made from white rice and a filling, typically a meat, that is then formed into a triangle and wrapped in nori (seaweed). This snack was made popular in Japan given how portable and convenient it is to store and eat. 

We thought to ourselves, why not try and modernize this staple Japanese snack? And so, we took our famous Salted Egg Fish Skin and crumpled it up so that we could then fill the inside of the Ongiri. Heat up the Ongiri after you purchase and enjoy the best bite of your life!

Pezzo x IRVINS Salted Egg Pizza

After the success of the Salted Egg Onigiri, we thought to ourselves, what else would taste good with our Dangerously Addictive™ Salted Egg Fish Skin. This time we looked towards the west, and landed on... Pizza! 

For this innovation, we collaborated with another homegrown Singaporean brand, Pezzo. After countless R&D trials, we finally unveiled the world’s first-ever Salted Egg Pizza in February, 2021. This unique pizza was made of pizza dough layered with a generous amount of IRVINS Salted Egg sauce, then blanketed with mozzarella cheese and a considerable amount of IRVINS Salted Egg Fish Skin Krumbs. 

Cotton On x IRVINS 

As we continued to craft and launch more and more Dangerously Addictive™ snacks and foods, we decided to do a complete 180 and create something “Dangerously Fashionable”.

In March of 2021, we participated in a crossover you’d never expect. The exclusive Cotton On x IRVINS clothing line officially launched for both men and women’s wear. We’re talking about the cutest IRVINS tops, bottoms, socks, and caps. All designed and manufactured by the Cotton On Group, Australia’s largest global retailer known for their fashion clothing and stationery brands. 

Nissin x IRVINS Salted Egg Instant Noodle Bowl 

With all that’s happened and still happening in 2021, we wanted to do something to cheer everyone up. Many countries including Singapore have been in and out of lock down due to COVID-19. During a lockdown, working from home is by default and dining out is not permitted. During these circumstances, eating at home at any hour of the day becomes normal. A popular go to meal, instant noodles. 

Now what other brand to partner with other than Nissin, the original creators of instant ramen. So in August of 2021, we launched the Nissin x IRVINS Salted Egg Instant Noodle Bowl. Made with classic mee pok noodles mixed with savory salted egg seasoning and topped off with spring onion and egg crumbs.