2008 to 2014


First established in 2008 at River Valley Road by Irvin Hasaka Yuga Gunawan, the zi char (Singapore restaurant selling local dishes) was known for its great tasting yet affordable live crabs dishes - especially the signature Salted Egg Crab with its creamy flowing golden sauce.

In 2011 we had to relocate to a new area, but unfortunately, the luck didn’t move with us, and we struggled to keep the restaurant afloat due to its unfavorable location. It was here that we persevered and experimented with many new dishes, eventually leading to the creation of the totally unique sweet and savoury snacks: the salted egg fish skin and salted egg potato chips.

2014 to 2019


In 2014 we started to sell salted egg snacks through pop-ups around Singapore and eventually permanent stores starting from our first one in Vivocity. With the support of our much-appreciated customers, IRVINS became a household name synonymous with Salted Egg not just in Singapore but also in the region. With our international expansion and strong following among international visitors to Singapore, we have helped put Singapore on the global snacks map.

2020 Onwards


Specializing in #DangerouslyAddictive products, IRVINS’ food creations are delicately formulated by a passionate team of chefs, R&D specialists and food technologists.

We are always thinking about what could be the next go-to product everyone will love. We want to bring you the highest quality of snacks that tastes just like it's straight out from your favorite restaurants.

We are on the road to expanding towards making more innovative, out-of-the box products for everyone to enjoy. Here at IRVINS, we want to push the boundaries to be the next forefront leaders of snacks -- bringing you the boldest and wildest range of flavors and textures beyond your imagination, and making them into snacks that you can easily purchase anywhere.

In just 6 years, we are now present in 10 markets including Singapore, China, United States, Hong Kong, Thailand, Philippines, Taiwan, United Arab Emirates, Vietnam and Brunei.

Countless trials were performed to ensure we only ship products that we ourselves are proud of. This is our promise to you.



(Image starting from the left)
Ivan Gunawan, Chief Financial Officer, and Co-Founder.
Irvin Gunawan, Chief Executive Officer, and Co-Founder.
Ircahn Gunawan, Chief Operations Officer, and Co-Founder.
Alvin Loh, Chief Commercial Officer.